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  • What is PATHFAST® designed for?
    PATHFAST® is an immunoassay analyzer for the measurement of emergency cardiac markers in less than 17 minutes from whole blood or plasma with core lab-quality results.
  • How many tests can be done per hour?
    Up to 6 tests per run in less than 17 minutes, about 18 tests per hour.
  • Can PATHFAST® be connected to a LIS?
    Yes, directly via an RS-232C interface, or via middleware (RALS, TELCOR, etc.).
  • How is the patient ID entered?
    Either directly from the touch screen or with a barcode scanner.
  • How much waste is produced?
    One reagent cartridge and one pipette tip per test.
  • What is the assay principle and methodology?
    It is a chemiluminescence reaction with detection of light emissions by a photomultiplier tube.
  • Are there parts on the analyzer that need to be replaced regularly?
  • Does the analyzer have to be serviced regularly?
    Preventive maintenance is recommended each year of use after expiration of the first-year warranty.
  • What is Magtration®?
    A patented separation method in which magnetic particles on the inner wall of the pipette tip are washed and separated.
  • Which kind of magnet is used?
    A neodymium magnet is used.
  • What is the instrument memory capacity?
    Up to 1000 patient sample results, 180 controls and 300 calibrations.
  • How long does it take for the instrument to warm up?
    PATHFAST® is designed to stay on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If it has been turned off It takes up to 30 minutes to warm up the reaction chamber after powering on
  • Can the reagent cartridge be placed in any open position on the reagent rack?
    Yes, the barcode on the reagent cartridge is scanned for automatic identification of the assay.
  • Can whole blood be used?
    Yes, and also plasma.
  • What safety measures are built into the instrument?
    The front cover must be closed in order to start an assay and cannot be opened again until the assay has been completed. Additionally, user-managed lockout functions are available.
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